Happiest of Possible Coincidences


The publishing world is mighty opaque, even when you’re already signed with a publisher, even when your book is coming out in 3 months. Here is an e-mail I sent my literary agent at the end of August:

Did you know Skyhorse sold the Match Made in Manhattan audio rights? I didn’t, but when I was looking up the Amazon link to send to a potential reviewer last week, I saw the audiobook had been added to the listing. Did more digging and found the CD and MP3 up for pre-order at a number of cool indie bookstores around the country, too. YAY!!! . . . Are there any more details about this I should be aware of? And/or other nifty things happening around MMIM that I missed?

It turned out the audio rights had been sold to Brilliance Audio earlier in the summer. Accordingly, Skyhorse (and, by corollary, I) relinquished creative input or control for the audiobook. But my sister Elenna, who was the first editor of my manuscript back when it was just a word file living on my computer, makes her living as a voice-over artist. If you listen to Jergen’s commercials on TV or one of her dozens of books on tape, you might recognize her voice! And wouldn’t it have been SO COOL if she got to read the part of Alison, since she’s been well acquainted with my protagonist going on 3 years now?
But, it wasn’t up to me or to Skyhorse. So instead, I just suggested she have her agent call up Brilliance Audio, ask if the Match Made in Manhattan audiobook had been recorded, and if not, if she could be submitted for the narrator. A few days later, she was invited to audition. . . And HERE WE ARE TODAY!

Note that our brother Ben took this photo (in addition to my author photos), so my siblings and I have now each had a hand in some creative aspect of this book. (Ben’s also responsible for directing and shooting the web series spin-off, which I’ll post about more when it’s ready).

I can now say with some certainty that DREAMS REALLY DO COME TRUE.


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