A Little Bit About My Book . . .

The genesis of my book began as a list of men’s names scrawled on the back of a cocktail napkin. I was at drinks with friends, relating the details of my latest date. Earlier that year I had signed up for Match.com, and already I had been dumped before the first kiss, donned full HAZMAT gear on a third date, and been set up with another date’s mom. A happy side effect of my year online was that I wound up with a dating history that, as transcribed on that fateful cocktail napkin, formed a quirky yet gripping romantic narrative.

There are dozens of dating-centric novels out there, but the lion’s share focus on a single relationship or love triangle. The thing I wanted to communicate in my book was that myriad first dates that go nowhere with random men can be fun! They don’t have to be terrible! When you focus on the process, not the results, dating can be super instructive, interesting, and invigorating! So rather than dwell on the frustrations that can come out of trying to find your Match, I wrote a book underscoring the diversity and colorfulness of the men that populate New York City.

The protagonist searches for romantic potential while trying to keep an open mind, knowing that after each chapter ends, a new one can begin with the click of a button.


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