A little bit about me. . .

Welcome to my blog! There’s so much meaty, fun stuff we’re going to delve into in the coming months & years, but to begin, a little bit about me. When I finished writing my first manuscript, my agent asked me to write a brief “About the Author” blurb that she could use in her cover letter. Here’s what I wrote:

Amanda Stauffer Park is an American expat who currently lives in Paris, France, and freelances as an architectural conservator and as a copy editor for fiction publications. When she grew frustrated with New York City’s dating scene, it wasn’t long before Amanda headed to www.match.com. And even though no successful relationships came out of it, her experiences provided her with a lifetime of warm and fuzzy memories, a few friends, and an abundance of material should she ever decide to pursue a career in comedy.

Amanda is a fan of Italian neorealist cinema, mojitos, and—well, you can just read her protagonist’s Match profile on page 4 of this book, because she lifted heavily from Amanda’s (now defunct) profile.

Most of that bio still applies, except I’ve since moved back to Manhattan . . . and have a serious case of wanderlust as a result. Like so many avid readers/writers out there, I’ve got a mental shortlist of the next ten books I want to write. For the time being though, I’m at work on my second manuscript, which is also women’s fiction.


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